The toy is an object that is used to play kids, but sometimes even adults. Whether a toy intended to draw attention to the child, seizure, or to develop their motor and mental abilities, there are toys for thousands of years.

We produce toys serial to order according to customer requirements. From basic wooden toys to high-tech toys.

We produce toys made of various materials, the most common include:

Plush – eg .: stuffed animals
Wood – eg .: cars, kits, figurines
Plastic – eg .: dolls, figurines, inflatable toys
Metal – eg .: kits, toy cars, remote-controlled toys
We make toys such as: Toy cars, building blocks, dolls, figurines, stuffed animals, inflatable toys, rattles, walkers, books, glass beads, balls, toys, remote controls, rocking toys, carousel, puzzles, board games, puzzles, musical toys, etc. …