We are ready to evaluate the situation and offer an optimal solution to meet customer needs. The business cooperation of our company is governed by Czech legislation contained in the Commercial Code. 
We can offer both part of the service and the overall service.
In addition to a price offer, we provide a timetable, any required certification, an inspection report, and other information as per the customer’s wishes.
After sending the price offer, we create a sample that the customer agrees to, and we consider it a reference sample that will run through mass production.
You will realize a significant difference in international trade at the moment of payment, since manufacturers and suppliers require 50% before the start of production and the remaining 50% before shipment. This means that 100% of the purchase price is paid before shipping the goods. Our company offers the possibility of participating partly or completely in these advance payments.
A brief overview of our work in the implementation of an order and direct production: