About us

GOMproduction company ltd (GOMproduction s.r.o.)

was created in 2011 as a start-up project among several friends. Due to successful business transactions and ever-increasing demands and requests across sectors, it was necessary to create an official organization and relevant divisions. Gradually, the division of promotional items, coupling material, precious metals and others was established.

We offer all our services to companies open to modern trading and understand the benefits that they bring to them. With an understanding of the diverse needs of our customers, we can create a useful partnership with a freelancer, a limited liability company, and a multinational corporation, all thanks to a personal approach and active engagement.

We individually approach required delivery times, and with our contractual carriers we ensure the right ratio: price/performance/time – road, rail, ship or air transport, or a combination of them.

As part of an intelligent logistics solution, we also consider warehouse stock availability, so we guarantee our customers the optimum storage space that allows shipping and delivery in a number of days.

Our services save direct costs that affect the price of the goods; also indirect cost associated with the fact we make it easier for the purchasing, manufacturing, financial and legal departments. Due to a multidisciplinary focus and years of experience, we can offer an interesting solution also to companies that have invested in purchasing by establishing a business department for Asia or China.